Monday, June 18, 2007

Conversation Overheard...

Jim Duquette: Danys, I think we're going to have to put you on the DL.

Mr. Reluctant: What for?

J.D.: Because of that tendinitis in your right forearm.

Mr. Reluctant: I don't have any tendinitis in my...

J.D.: Yes, you do.

Mr. Reluctant: No, I don't...

Duquette: Yes, you do.

Mr. Reluctant: Um, no I feel anything...

J.D.: But you do feel like collecting your ample paycheck for the rest of the year, right? And you do feel like coming back and trying to make the team in Spring Training '08 to collect the rest of it, right? How's that forearm feeling?

Mr. Reluctant: You know my arm actually does feel a little sore...

I'm back from vacation, let the festivities begin.

Mr. Baez had finally developed an "injury" allowing some fresh blood from the minors (including James Hoey whom I called for nearly a month ago...) so we'll see if this helps right the bullpen. It certainly couldn't hurt.

The O's keep finding ways to lose, close ones and blowouts. Want to get your team on a winning streak? Head to Baltimore.

Arizona had lost 6 of 7 then swept the O's.
The Nationals had gone a mediocre 5-7 before sweeping Baltimore.
Even the Rockies had been squeaking by with a 4-4 record before taking the series from the Orioles.

The talent on this team is not that bad. They should be competing against teams of this caliber, not lose 8 of 9 to them.

It's time for Perlozzo to go.

The $42 million bullpen? Jamie Walker, Chad Bradford and Scott Williamson have been pretty good this year. 3 outta 4 ain't bad I guess...

John Maine stats since the end of April: 2-4, 4.27 ERA, 3.7 BB/9, 7 K/9. A mediocrity in a pitcher's park.

More review of the season upcoming tomorrow. I'm going to check out the other blogs...

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