Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nestor Aparicio: Raving Lunatic

Sit back and enjoy more from the frothing carnival barker:

Because I believe in presenting BOTH sides of the story...

Good one.

Only time will tell...but the track record of "momentous" days like today where Peter Schmuck believes whatever the Orioles tell him and writes fluffy, flowery pieces of wishful fiction...are too many to name.

This is a common Nestor tactic. Anyone who works for The Baltimore Sun or WHFS is automatically discredited, they are brainwashed lapdogs, pawns of the evil Angelos Empire. WNST is the only true source for O's information. Remember the away jersey story? Complete truth, that one. No axes to grind here, no sir.

Blah, blah, blah...every time there's a "new" addition people like Schmuck are out selling the discounted orange Kool-Aid!

See? Jim Jones reference with that one. Classic.

I'm trying to figure out what makes Andy McPhail more important or significant than Jon Miller, Pat Gillick, Brooks Robinson, Cal Ripken or anyone ELSE who won't work for Peter Angelos?

Let me help you "figure" this out because three out of four of these are easy.

Andy McPhail is more important than:

Jon Miller because: Jon Miller did not pick players or coaches. He talked about the game while people played and did it very well but his Vin Scully impression never once created a run for the Baltimore Orioles nor prevented the opposing team from scoring one. Nor did his witty repartee ever lure a free agent or select good players in the draft. That was easy. What's next?

Brooks Robinson because: Brooks was a Hall of Fame baseball player but is now, like, 137 years old. I don't think he can hold down third base for us anymore. And since he has repeatedly stated that he does not want to be a coach or manager, I would say that he can't help the team by playing, hiring good players or coaching them to wins. Next!

Cal Ripken because: Cal wants to own the team. He does not want to coach. He does not want to pick players. He does not want to play again. He wants to run the whole show. So until Angelos decides to sell the team, Cal cannot help us. But McPhail may be able to. Wow. Easy stuff. Next!

Pat Gillick because: Pat Gillick was a really bad GM. Wow, that was easier than I thought. Look here at the 1998 draft. Brutally bad. it took him 10-15 years to build a winner in Toronto. Then he screwed up Baltimore, went on the decimate the Mariners and is now mismanaging the Phillies.

There you go Nestor. Please continue in clarity.

If you ask me, all Peter has done today is found a new lap dog, another "unemployed" baseball executive who wanted a job and has "delusions of grandeur."

He won't back up his assertions here but he has managed to discredit a man who has been on the job two days as a "lapdog". (He just loves that word...) If John McGraw returned form the dead and agreed to manage the Orioles, Nestor would dismiss him as a lapdog. If Sparky Anderson returned (he's still alive) and agreed to manage the Orioles, Nestor would dismiss him as a lapdog. If Jesus Christ returned from the grave and agreed to manage the Orioles, Nestor would dismiss him as a lapdog.

(And as long as I'm defecating on Schmuck, how many times is HE going to buy their rubbish before he starts feeling foolish himself? I know I stopped buying it right around 1998, because I SAW what was going on around the franchise from the inside!)

Do you know who defecates on other people? Babies, the mentally deficient and the insane. Nestor qualifies as at least two out of three so I'll allow the foul comment. Continue.

I HOPE McPhail is not a flunky, but the evidence on Day One is pretty damning! I ain't holding my breath, if you know what I mean!

Scan the post all ye sane and reasoning people. There is not one bit of evidence presented. It's all in his head. Obviously, he forgot to write the evidence part. But it's damning. Really, really damning. If you know what I mean.

Who knows? Maybe if I "suck up" to Andy McPhail, I'll get my press pass back so I can do my job...LOL!!! Especially, since now it's Mr. McPhail's decision, since he's "running the organization."

Nestor, I supported you in your quest for press credentials even though I knew you were an assclown but it's time to let it go and live in the now. Now take your medicine.

P.S. Today he writes an open letter to McPhail (the man he referred to as a lapdog in yesterday's rant) and whines about his press pass again. He requests that it be ready by Tuesday of next week and that if it's not, he'll "just assume that you're the latest liar to take Peter's money." Hey, that's logical. Or maybe he has more important things to do like hiring a manager and assessing the farm system. Or maybe he just realizes you're an assclown. Why does McPhail get so much shrapnel? He just got here on Tuesday...


Anonymous said...

Girardi turned us down!!!!LMFAO! He must have listened to Nestor! God we are an embarrassing organization!

DempseysArmy said...

No disagreement, except that I doubt Girardi knows who Nestor is...