Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Nestor Today...

From Nestor's latest blog entry:

"The list is too long, but start with Doug Melvin and Jon Miller and move forward...pick ANYONE who has worked in this organization."

Really, Nestor. Stop the Doug Melvin rap. See my post two entries down. Melvin sucked here, sucked in Texas. He is poor at his job. There are far better examples to use...

"We at WNST deal with former players ALL THE TIME, who come to town and tell our reporters what a nightmare it was to play here and work for Mr. Angelos. Casey has former players come up to him at literally EVERY homestand, talking to him about what a mess this place was and how happy they were to leave Baltimore!"

Name one. I dare you. Name just one player who said these things and I will take these claims as credible. Otherwise, they are fabrications, like 'NST's "Jerseygate" stories. Unfounded.

Nestor also goes on a long rant about how people should not be motivated by money and if Joe Girardi can only be lured here by $2 million a year then he is not the right man for the job.

But Nestor, if this is such a bad job, why would anyone of quality come here without being well compensated? You can't have it both ways.


Anonymous said...

So everybody at NST is lying and the Orioles aren't? That's your logic? And you call other people assclowns?! Did you hear John Maroon today!? Another ex Orioles employee who believes there is no hope with Angelos as owner. Find 1 ex employee who has any confidence in that buffoon! Keep ripping on Nestor for pointing out facts. The empty seats and losing seasons don't lie.

DempseysArmy said...

I did not say that everybody at WNST is lying but they don't have a lot of credibility after the jersey issue which apparently had no truth to it at all.

You still haven't produced an ex-player. That's what I asked for.

I rip Nestor specifically for NOT pointing out facts. His opinions are fine but he spouts his opinion as fact with no backing.

And otherwise intelligent bloggers take him way to seriously.