Thursday, July 31, 2008

Base Hits: 7/31/2008

Shortly after I posted yesterday, I received a press release from MASN stating that Roch Kubatko will be joining MASN and that the Roch Around the Clock blog will continue of there starting on Friday. Here's the link to the news on Update your bookmarks accordingly.


It's going to be a tough August for the Birds. They only play two series against teams with losing records (Seattle and Cleveland) and they play those series on the road. Speaking of playing on the road, the O's play 16 of 28 on the road in August. The O's are only playing at a .400 winning percentage on the road this season.

It's looking like it'll be a rough August for the Baltimore Orioles.


Not a whisper about Aubrey Huff moving at the deadline. Huff has put together one of the best seasons ever (so far) by a Oriole DH:

OPS+ Year
H. Baines 150 1999
H. Baines 142 1995
A. Huff 140 2008
H. Baines 137 1993
Singleton 131 1983

Baines and Singleton...that's rarefied air in Orioles history.

He has also matched his RBI total from 2007 already and surpassed his home run numbers.

I have to grudgingly give Huff some respect for his performance this year. And I thought he was done as an impact bat. I was wrong.


Crys said...

Crowley didn't make the list? I'm really surprised. Or did we only bring him into towards the end of the game? I must be getting old...

I'm actually a bit surprised that Huff's numbers are so good. I don't remember too many times he came through...more like Scott, Roberts, Markakis, Mora, Payton, even Hernandez...I must have higher expectations for Huff, because usually I find him to be a disappointment.

I guess that's why it's better to not rely on perceptions. :-)

DempseysArmy said...

Crowley. I only looked at players who would've qualified for the batting title. I should re-run the numbers.

I don't think Huff has a lot of game winning hits but I seem to remember him coming through in the clutch a lot this year...and I didn't like him much coming into this season. That's something to look at too.