Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Cabrera

Daniel Cabrera's pitch location from last night:

Tons of fastballs and, for the most part, right around the plate. "Here it is. Can you hit it?" seems to be the prevailing philosophy.

The hits:

Nothing out of the ordinary here. The pitches were up a little but he lived there all night and they only manged one extra base hit. Nasty, nasty fastball.
The good Cabrera/bad Cabrera split is not as pronounced as it was last year. When he's off, he generally battles and give the team something to work with. He has only given up 6 runs or more 3 times and only three times has he failed to go at least 6 innings.
He's a league average innings eater. A decent third or fourth starter at this point. Unfortunately, he's our second best starter!
Ramon Hernandez hit .273 in June and OPS'ed .796. He'll need to keep hitting like that (and more) to overcome that dreadful start but it's good to see some of those well-hit balls finding the holes now.
More later...

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