Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Little Homer Analysis

Just for fun, a little home run analysis of the Orioles for the season thus far using some data from

First, just the raw home run leaders for the O's in 2008:


Huff 19

Scott 17

Markakis 15

Mora 15

Millar 12

Going into September of last season, it didn't look like any Oriole batter was going to hit 20 homers (and without a power surge by Markakis in September, no one would have...). Now, we have 4 players already at 15. Low standards to be sure but it's an improvement.

So, the longest home runs (so far) by Standard Distance:


Markakis 447 ft

Quiroz 443 ft

Scott 442 ft

Huff 433 ft

Huff 430 ft

Now the leaders in True Distance. I won't go into great detail on all of the definitions here so here's the Hit Tracker glossary. Basically, it's the distance a home run would have travelled if it had continued, uninterrrupted, to field level.


Scott 444 ft

Scott 421 ft

Markakis 421 ft

Mora 421 ft

Scott 421 ft

Look at Luke Scott! A lot of raw power coming out of leftfield. But wait, there's more. The most No Doubt homers by an Oriole:

No Doubts

Scott 6

Huff 3

Markakis 1

Mora 1

Millar 1

Scott has a ton of monster shots. More than double the next guy and no one else has more than 1! Scott is a flawed player but I am a big fan of having at least one guy who can just crush the ball way over the outfield wall. The Orioles haven't had a guy with such raw power since Albert Belle.

Now the Just Enoughs:

Just Enoughs
Markakis 8
Hernandez 6
Huff 6
Mora 5
Millar 4

It's not really a surprise that Markakis leads this list. He does not have a classic home run swing; he's a line drive hitter with power. Since one of the qualifiactions for "Just Enoughs" is "the ball must clear the wall by less than 10 vertical feet", I am almost surprised he doesn't have more!

As hard as Ramon Hernandez is hitting the ball, he ssem sto be getting a little lucky with his homerun totals.

Speaking of luck, the leaders in Lucky Homers (affected by wind, temp, etc)

Lucky Homers
Hernandez 6
Markakis 4
Huff 4
Scott 2
Payton 2

More than half of Hernandez's homers have been classified as "lucky". Not a good trend. Markakis is here again due to his line drive swing. Sometimes his homers are just inches away from being doubles...and vice versa.

Finally, the leaders in Average Standars Distance or as Hit Tracker calls it, The Golden Sledgehammer:

Avg. Std. Distance
Huff 397.2 ft
Scott 395.4 ft
Mora 391.6 ft
Markakis 388.1 ft
Millar 371.3 ft

Aubrey Huff in an upset! Huff just edges out Luke Scott by less than 2 ft on average. I was kind of surprised to see Melvin Mora come in third though.

Just a footnote: Adam Jones has only hit 6 homers but only 1 of them was classified as "Just Enough". Our centerfielder also has some nice raw power if he can harness it. He is The Truth!

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