Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sarasota County Approves Stadium Renovations...Again

In case you missed it, Sarasota County held public hearings...again...about the Ed Smith Stadium deal that was struck with the Baltimore Orioles to make Sarasota their Spring Training home. Why?

It's all because a citizens group has filed a lawsuit against the county, claiming sunshine laws were broken... Residents packed the commission chambers. They heard a similar presentation about the deal between the Baltimore Orioles and the county...costs, and benefits. They also heard from representatives of the team and local leaders...

Just a few came to complain. Those who did say Friday's proceedings are a sham. That all the information given is a result of back door out of the sunshine dealings.

Many of those are involved with a group called Sarasota Citizens for Responsible Government. They even put up a huge inflatable rat in front of the administration building Friday morning with a sign reading "bcc redo rat".

A huge inflatable rat? Yep.

A few things...I think once you break out the huge inflatable rat to get your point across, you not only have left the high road, your original argument was a little weak to begin with. Also, who rents out huge inflatable rats? Is there a demand for this? I can't imagine car dealerships would want one for their weekend blowout extravaganzas.

Most times, these lawsuits are brought about because of personal grudges or the promise of monetary gain, not political ideals. I think a smell a rat on this one...

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Roar from 34 said...

Ah, yes, the giant inflatable rat. It's a common site in D.C. Check out this 2007 Washington Post article.

"In Washington, the carpenters union targets a different building almost daily.

At the protest site, union organizers ask for identification and a Social Security card from those who want to picket. The picketers are divided into groups of about 30, and some are sent on to other sites. They are often accompanied by an eight-foot-tall inflatable rat brought in by pickup."