Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Sarasota Opposition...Revealed!

In front of the Ed Smith renovation hearing happening tomorrow in Sarasota, the Herald-Tribune has a story on the leaders of the opposition to the project who have filed to lawsuit to stop it in its tracks.

Cathy Antunes was incensed when she learned that the county was considering trading away youth ballfields at Twin Lakes Park to make room for Major League spring training.

"I think this is legalized stealing," said Antunes, 46, who mobilized an activist group to stop taxpayer resources from going to pro baseball...

She is a devout New York Yankees fan. Her husband, endocrinologist Jose Antunes, is a Boston Red Sox fan.

Isn't it enough that Baltimore has to face off against AL East foes between the lines? Now they have to face them in court?

On a side note, Cathy Antunes is also a pharmaceutical saleswoman. Blech.

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