Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When It Comes to Spring Training Games, MASN Comes Up Small

MASN has released their 2010 Spring Training broadcast schedule. As in year's past, it is lacking.

Here's the schedule:

Sunday 3/7 
1pm vs Red Sox in Sarasota

Thursday 3/25 
1pm vs Yankees in Sarasota

Monday 3/29 
7pm vs Yankees in Sarasota

Wednesday 3/31 
1pm vs Red Sox in Sarasota

First, there are only 4 Orioles games. Second, there is a gap of nearly three weeks between the first game and the next one. Thirdly, it's all Yankees and Red Sox games. Blech

MASN (and the Orioles) could double the amount of broadcasts if they want to get serious about  bringing back fans to the team.

The Red Sox will broadcast 9 games on NESN. The Yankees, 12 games on YES.

That's how the big boys do it. Peter Angelos owns the network...time to make use of it to get fans excited for 2010.


Jon Shepherd said...

Doubling Spring Training games would result in bringing fans back to the team? I think you overestimate the fervor of folks wanting to see Michel Hernandez grounding out to second base.

DempseysArmy said...

Disagree, sir.

Exposure for this team is crucial, spring training or otherwise. Lots of the O's young regulars will see action as well as some of the minor league prospects. That's worth something and it's something the other teams already do.

Jon Shepherd said...

I don't know about that. Red Sox are airing 8 games. They have a pretty solid fan base. MASN is airing 8 total, 4 a piece to Washington and Baltimore. It would probably make more sense to do it 2 and 6, but Nats might not like that.

It costs money to pull in folks and set up satellite time, etc. So ... I don't think MASN is really doing anything much different than other broadcast groups.