Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miggy Didn't Report Until Today....And So What?

A sampling of comments around the web about the fact that Miguel Tejada did not report to camp until today:

I see Tejada is making a strong effort to restore the fans confidence.

I suppose we shouldn't read anything into it this early but there is a marked difference in Atkins showing up early looking to work with the Crow.

He never was much for practice or leading by example.

I hope Tejeda has been taking ground balls since he signed. I would have thought myself he would have been the 1st one in camp to work at the hot corner but that is just me.

He should have reported early to show that he is ready to lead and to hustle, but NOOO he has to drag ass in at the last possible moment to create drama. Mark my words, before this season is over Andy Macphail will regret bringing him back.

 Really? Pitchers and catchers didn't report until last Wednesday. Position players didn't start reporting until yesterday. Does anyone truly believe that and extra 1-5 days in camp will make the difference between Tejada being a good fielder ro a poor fielder at third base? I think this is just frustration from the fans and Tejada makes a good target.

Luke Scott doesn't know exactly where he's going to play. Not one comment seen about Scott not reporting early. Hmmm.....

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