Friday, April 9, 2010

Random Thoughts About Opening Week

Sorry for the lack of content this week as real life (mostly work) has taken up more of my time than usual. Good stuff coming this weekend but I did want to throw a few things out there today...

* Weird watching Mike Gonzalez work this last series. OK...weird ain't the word. Maddening is more like it. The good news? Velocity is up. Like I said when they signed him this offseason, the dude has nasty stuff. He's got legit closer stuff. (Or the stuff that people would consider a good closer to have. It wasn't like Trevor Hoffman was mowing them down with a mid-90's fastball.

The flip side? The control. I knew he had a tendency to walk guys but it's been ridiculous in the Tampa series. I would like to believe that he will work out the kinks.One odd thing was how many sliders he threw last night, including nothing but slider to Ben Zobrist to induce the flyball and mercifully end the game. Bumpy ride with Gonzalez? Let's hope this isn't the norm.

* If you don't believe in Matt Wieters yet, time to get on your knees and have your "come to Wieters moment"

* If we get pitching performances like that out of Millwood and Guthrie all year, this team is going to win a lot of games. They weren't spectacular but they were solid.

* I believe in Matt Albers, you know this. But how great does he look to start the season? 3.1 innings with 3 Ks and only 1 walk. If Albers keeps throwing strikes, he has setup man stuff...dare I say it....closer stuff? I know, Albers continuing to throw strikes is a big if...

OK, some fearless predictions:

* Garrett Atkins won't be a regular with this team by June 15th. Somebody has to come to their senses. Nice clutch hitting in Tampa but that can't last.

* Nick Markakis...breakout! Enos Slaughter for the new millenium. I recycling this from last season.

* Brian Matusz....breakout! Don't be surprised if Matusz is having Tim Lincecum-type success (without the gawdy strikeout totals...but damn good ones) by the second half of the season.

* Matt Wieters...breakout! I'm going with the Keith Law prediction of "well over .300 with 20-25 homers" for his sophomore season.

* Adam breakout! It would be hard to call this a breakout since he was pretty good last year but I expect that this is the year Jones starts to show people that Adrian Gonzalez is not necessary because the Orioles already have a bat as good in centerfield. Look for an average around .300 with something approaching 25 homers.

* 80 wins. That's my guess. And with a little never know.

* Ben McDonald becomes a surprise hit on MASN.

* Kevin Millwood 2010 = Rick Sutcliffe 1992

* Felix Pie forces something this summer...a trade, a position change....something.

Home opener today! Let's go O's!

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