Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anatomy of a No-Hitter

Chris Tillman hurled a no-hitter against the Gwinnett Braves last night...right in my back yard. (I'm going to tonight's game...damn it.)

Here was Tillman's line:

Tillman 9.0 0 0 0 1 6 0

Only 6 strikeouts over the 9 innings. Tillman got a lot of help from his friends. A breakdown of the outs:

Groundball Liner Flyball Pop Fly
13 2 2 4

That's impressive. Only 2 flies and 2 liners (both liners, fortunately for Tillman, were hit at CF Corey Patterson....a superior defender).

Now, Gwinnett has the lowest Team OPS in the International League (.627) but it's an impressive feat nonetheless. Congratulations to Tillman and his fielders on the accomplishment.

LF Joey Gathright
CF Corey Patterson
RF Jeff Salazar
3B Josh Bell
SS Robert Andino
2B Scott Moore
1B Michael Aubrey
C Adam Donachie

I'm going to see the Tides take on Gwinnett tonight...I wonder if Jake Arrieta can make it back-to-back no-hitters?


Anonymous said...
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Steve G. said...

Gathright and Patterson in the same outfield? That's some pretty decent defensive speed out there, although quite depressing from a prospect / "let's give a new guy a shot!" perspective.

DempseysArmy said...

Yeah, there's no real outfield "prospects" in AAA right now. But I guess the MLB team is fairly deep in that area right now. Outside of Snyder, Bell and maybe Turner, not much in the way of postions prospects at all.