Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Baltimore - 3 Florida - 5

Some game notes.

Trachsel looked bad. He only gave up two runs in the first but is very lucky the Marlins decided to test Ramon Hernandez's arm in the second and ran themselves out of an inning. At least he settled down after that and pitched a decent 6 innings in total. Really, this is about the best you can hope for from him on most nights.

Patterson has been hitting in the 2 spot more than I would expect at this point in the spring. A sign of things to come or just trying to get him more at bats?

From Roch Kubato's blog during today's game; "The Orioles really wanted to keep Rule 5 catcher Adam Donachie, but the Kansas City Royals wanted too much in return. They're not taking the loss lightly" I do feel better that they seem to have made every attempt (save leaving him on the roster) to secure this guy.

Wow, the Marlins don't learn. Hernandez has thrown out 3 of 4 would-be basestealers today. According to Roch Kubato, if Brian Roberts hadn't dropped his throw, he would have thrown out Hanley Ramirez too.

Brian Burres came in and gave up a two-run homer to Dan Uggla.

Game Over.

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