Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Base Hits: 3/7/2007

A good Q&A with Brooks Robinson over at Oriole Post. Nice job!


Danys Baez “begrudgingly” accepts his role as a setup man. Baez neglects to detail how he half-heartedly signed a 3-year $19 million contact in the offseason and how he will reluctantly cash those checks every month. Big of you pal.


Garret Olson, among others, were sent down to the minor league camp in Sarasota. Not partucularly surprising but I though Olson would get a longer look in the big camp.

A make-or-break year for Perlozzo? I think putting him on the hot-seat this year would be a big mistake. This team needs A.) consistency and B.) Leo Mazzone. Without Perlozzo, Mazzone probably takes a hike. Short of losing complete control of this team, Perlozzo needs to stay until the end of the contract, which is through the 2008 season.

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