Monday, March 5, 2007

Baltimore - 5 Florida - 3

The Good

Loewen gave up no runs, a hit, a walk and an eye-popping 5 strikeouts over 2 innings. The Marlins had a lot of regulars in and Loewen struck out Aaron Boone, Miguel Cabrera, Josh Willingham, Mike Jacobs and Matt Treanor. Not exactly Hall of Famers (except maybe Cabrera) but all are experienced major league hitters. That's impressive. Jeremy Guthrie was effective again in two scoreless innings of work with a hit, a walk and a strikeout. Baltimore is now 4-1 in Spring Training games. Yes, that counts little for regular season success but it's better to win right?

The Bad

Jim Hoey got knocked around a bit. He went from low-A Delmarva all the way to the Majors last year and probably needs to go back to AAA for seasoning before he's really ready to face this kind of competition.

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