Monday, March 5, 2007

Base Hits: 3/5/2007

Former O Steve Finley is still hanging around, this time on a minor league contract for the Rockies.

========== has a pretty good article on Leo Mazzone.


My Dempsey coverage has been pointed out as lacking but I couldn’t do any better than Mike over at Oriole Magic with his retrospective of Dempsey’s Oriole career.


I was listening to the replay of the WHFS radio broadcast of the O’s loss to Florida yesterday and Jim Duquette was asked by Fred Manfra to explain, once and for all, the Kris Benson situation. Duquette was terse and blunt explaining that Baltimore wanted to have Benson follow an off-season program to strengthen and rehab his shoulder, that they had arranged the rehab to happen near his Atlanta home, everything but, and I quote, “driving him there”. According to Duquette, Benson chose not to do so. It certainly sounds like the organization places the blame squarely on Benson for his bad shoulder and they are fairly annoyed with him.


Finally, an article on Adam Donachie, who I hope can stick with the organization in some capacity.

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