Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Base Hits: 3/27/2007

The mayor of Aberdeen is looking to unload Ripken Stadium as it drains city resources. Cal Ripken's group is the leading candidate to buy the facility.

Rule V draftee Adam Donachie was returned to the Kansas City Royals. Baltimore decided against the young defensive specialist in favor of an old defensive specialist. I liked how this guy played, in the AFL and this spring and would have liked to have seen him stick. An organization is built through lots of little moves and Baltimore has no viable major league prospects. We could have used Donachie in this organization. (Rick Dempsey himself liked the guy!) If Ramon Hernandez goes down, you're now going to see Paul Bako and Eli Whiteside. Pick your poison.

The Canadians are checking in. First, an article on Adam Loewen on the CBC site. Second, this writer hopes that Erik Bedard brings the Cy Young north of the border this year.

When you are in a colossally bad band like Good Charlotte, you have a lot to answer for. But Benji Madden is a big Orioles fan, so I'll give him a pass.

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