Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Base Hits: 4/1/2009

I don't want to let this go but I don't want to beat a dead horse either...but one more comment on Montanez vs. Pie.

Comments like this are prolific on discussion boards and article comments:

I also fear Pie will be one of those can't do anything wrong types because the resident genius hand picked him.

OK, just to set the record straight....Yes, Andy MacPhail picked Pie...but he picked Montanez too! 1st round pick in 2000! Andy hand picked him too!

OK, I feel better now.


Dave Mc (formerly Desert O) has created an O'specific Search Engine that is on the front page of Weaver's Tantrum. It works great. I searched for Reggie Jackson and Pat Hentgen for a test case and both came up with Oriole-centric results. Click on some of the ads while you're at it.


I did a quick Q&A with Sadler of Right Off Russell. Nothing earth-shattering if you are a regular reader but a lot of good stuff on this new Baltimore sports blog.


Nick Markakis had a chat on He struggles against Roy Halladay, loved to hit in Safeco Field and thinks Adam Jones has a far superior arm. All of these thing, statistically, appear to be true.


Hayden Penn has been traded to the Marlins for IF Robert Andino.

Andino seems to be a no-hit, good-glove guy who moved up the Marlins farm system while only hitting at a moderate level. Some preliminary digging around shows a questionable glove but I guess we'll have to see how he does in the Orange and Black.

I'm still a fan of Penn. Good luck Hayden. I'll add this to the Trade Monitor...


Matthew Taylor continues the impressive Eutaw Street Chronicles with a full list of all the Eutaw Street plaques on Roar from 34. Nice work!

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Dave Mc said...

Thanks for plugging the search engine.

And yes, Danny Cabrera would have been better than 3/5 of our projected rotation.