Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More on Markakis Last Night...

WPA graph for last night's game, courtesy of FanGraphs:

Just after that Ian Kinsler double is that big swing back in the Orioles' favor. That's Nick's catch.

WPA for batters for the game:

Huff .225
Pie .150
Roberts .114
Markakis .112
Wigginton .028

And this is one of my problems with WPA...fielding is not easily accounted for. George Sherrill was credited with the WPA shift from Markakis' catch. No way. That ball was smoked. The only reason it was an out was due to the defensive wizardry of Nick Markakis.

So, I'm taking that change of .173 of WPA and awarding it to Nick. That gives him a huge single game WPA of .285. He simply won the game (almost) all by himself.

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Crys said...

You're way too smart for me. I don't know what your graphs mean and I'm afraid that if I try to figure it out, I'll just feel more stupid. But they look really cool. :-)