Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Change We Can Believe In

"I think change is good for people. I think the expectations were for me to come here and perform in a different way than I did. I don't think I met the expectations the way I did in spring training. There is nothing wrong with change. I don't think I fit here. I can't control what they do with me. It's putting a damper on my career."

- Ryan Freel

I agree. It's time for a change Andy MacPhail should grant Freel his wish by any means necessary.

I wasn't a huge fan of adding Freel to begin with but figured it was necessary evil to take on his contract so we could move Ramon Hernandez and he kind of filled a need. That need was alleviated a bit with the addition of Felix Pie and even more with the signing of Ty Wigginton. The trade for Robert Andino just before Opening Day made him downright redundant.

So Freel is unnecessary and he's an ass. If you don't believe me, read the rest of his quotes in Steve Melewski's blog post. I won't bother rehashing them here.

It goes to show you that just because you hustle in the field and bring all that energy to your game
...it doesn't mean you're a good guy. Oriole fans everywhere should be sending thank you notes to Justin Masterson for beaning Freel in the head.

His time is Baltimore is done. Either by trade or release, I doubt we'll see Freel in the black and orange again.

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