Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Five Hitting Streaks in Orioles History: Part 2

Here's the list:

Eric Davis 30
R. Palmiero 24
M. Mora 23
R. Alomar 22
B. Bonilla 22
E. Murray 22
D. DeCinces 22

Davis' 1998 season was pretty amazing. he hit .327 with 28 homers, slugged .582 and OPSed .970. During his 30 game hitting streak, he hit .400 with 10 doubles and 10 homers. That's a monster run of mashing.

Remember the welcome Palmiero got in Baltimore in 1994? Hard to imagine now but the guy was beloved. He helped put the O's back in serious contention that year before the strike and set the record for Oriole hitting streaks at the time.

Melmo got his streak done in 2003, a precursor to his career year in 2004.

Four players tied for fouth; Robbie Alomar, like Palmiero, put this streak together in his debut Oriole season and slugged .750 all the while. Bonilla's streak happened over two seasons (1996-1997) and ditto for DeCinces (1978-1979). You usually won't see a lot of walks during a long hitting streak but Eddie Murray walked an impressive 18 times in 22 games and still put together a string of 22 games with a hit.

Nick Markakis now has a 14 games hitting streak and the reason I show this list is that I think he can break Eric Davis' record. Over the next two or three years, he will be the perfect combination of patience, speed and hitting skill to challenge it. I dare say that he's the best bet of any player on baseball to make a serious run at the all-time hitting streaks in MLB history.

All players who had long hitting streaks in the modern era have been in their late 20's, maybe 30. Paul Molitor was 30. George Brett was 27. So was Jimmy Rollins. So was Chase Utley. Joe DiMaggio was 26, as was Luis Catillo. Markakis is 25...so why not now?

There will be a lot of losing this season...we may as well take a look at the great individual performances some of the Orioles will have.

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