Thursday, March 18, 2010

Around the Oriole Blog-O-Sphere

Daniel Moroz of Camden Crazies writes about the unbalanced schedule and its implication for Beyond the Boxscore.

In light of Matt Wieters recent turn as Sports Illustrated coverboy, Roar from 34 takes a look at the last Oriole catcher to grace the cover of SI: Dempsey's Army's namesake.

The Nick Markakis Blingee will repair our losses and be a blessing to us.

Jay Trucker of The Examiner unveils Pie-mold, a plan to platoon Felix Pie and Nolan Reimold. It a fine idea except for the fact that Dave Trembely is platoon-averse.

Eutaw Street Hooligans provides a quick recap of their fantasy draft, a draft which I had a horse in. Due to a family committment, I had to go on Autodraft Monday night but as they will soon learn, I am King of the Waiver Wire.

Camden Depot gives you five players to watch in Delmarva. Looks like it will be a continuing series as he has jsut posted the five players to watch in Frederick.

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