Thursday, March 18, 2010

Harvest the Chesapeake with Luke Scott

Now here's an offer you don't get everyday...

WFN: World Fishing Network, the nation's only 24-hour fishing lifestyle TV channel, enters the Chesapeake region today in a big way. With the help of Baltimore OF/DH and avid angler Luke Scott, WFN is making its presence felt with the launch of a consumer sweepstakes and a web site - - dedicated to finding the Chesapeake ’s most passionate angler.

Scott, who has hit 48 home runs for Baltimore over the past two seasons, will pick one lucky angler to spend the day fishing with him at the 27th annual Championship on the Chesapeake spring tournament on May 1, 2010. The fishing trip will be covered by a WFN camera crew and will air on the network at a later date. The grand prize also includes $1,000 and WFN merchandise. In addition, all entries received by April 1, 2010 will be eligible to win two tickets to see Scott play in the home opener on April 9, from the WFN luxury suite.

Chesapeake area anglers can go to to enter.

As a lad in Oklahoma, I remember my uncle would hunt catfish from his bass boat with a bow and arrow. I imagine that Luke Scott would fish with the same level of activity and zeal. Except instead of a bow and arrow, he might use a high-powered rifle. Or an industrial whale harpoon cannon.

Wait a second, has anyone told Scott about Mondy? Hey Luke, for the love of all that is holy, don't harvest Mondy!

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Matthew Taylor said...

Seeing Captain Chesapeake just made my day. I was trying to explain the good Captain to my wife, a Tennessee native, just the other day.

As for your blog roundup, somehow I knew that the "Blingee" had to be a Wayward O creation.

Keep up the good work, Heath.