Friday, March 19, 2010

Worried About Reimold

And that is a misleading title. I'm not worried about Reimold over the course of the whole 2010 season. But I am concerned about how ready he'll be to play on Opening Day.

Reimold had surgery on his left Achilles tendon in September and I have been skeptical about how much he might be able to play the field this April. So far:

  • Reimold has only appeared in 5 games this spring (6 counting tonight)
  • He has appeared in most of those games as a DH
  • He has not played the field since last Sunday
  • He is 0-15 with no walks and three strikeouts (yeah, it's spring but Nolan didn't go 0-15 all last season)
  • He has reportedly been gimpy and seen limping several times this spring
Opening Day is 2.5 weeks away. I don't see a quantum leap happening for Reimold by then. He's going to have to DH when April rolls around and even then maybe not everyday. I don't think it's any coincidence that Luke Scott has been getting some reps at first base.

And if he can't play everyday, he may start the season on the DL.

It's not a gamechanger for the season but if you think Reimold is going to be 100% ready on April 5th, you're deluding yourself. He will not be.

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