Monday, April 23, 2007

Around the Oakland Blogosphere: Series Preview

Over at The Drumbeat, San Francisco Chronicle Beat Writer Susan Slusser reports that Rich Harden won't make his start on Tuesday. That's good news for Baltimore as Harden is arguably the A's most talented pitcher. Milton Bradley may not make the trip either, weakening an already lethargic offense.

At Athletics Nation, baseballgirl reports that rookie Dallas Braden will make his major league debut against the O's in place of the hurting Rich Harden. Braden is a lefty who has exhibited fantastic control over his minor league career.

Brad Halsey, now at AAA, thought he would be getting the call for the Tuesday start and ripped the A's for what he suspects were less than honorable motives:

"Then they send you down and screw you. I'm grinding it out, trying to be a team guy, and I get f -- . It's all just a business decision, because if I came up and pitched Tuesday and then had an MRI and had to go on the DL, they'd have to pay me major-league DL money. It's such a mom-and-pop organization."

Ouch. Guess he's not worried about remaining with the organization.

Overall, the A's blogs haven't done a whole lot of previewing for the two game series. For a more thorough preview, check out Heathir Irvin's preview posted on Oriole Magic. Good stuff.

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