Friday, April 27, 2007

Sick in more ways than one...

I've been laid up for the last day and a half which gave me plenty of time to watch our two losses to the Red Sox.

The worst news is that if Schilling stays healthy and Beckett doesn't regress, the Sox will be tough to beat this year. They looked unbeatable against the O's and have looked that way against most of the league this year.

The good news is that Cabrera and Loewen both pitched well, they were just up against tougher competition. Cabrera was a bit wild and probably shouldn't have been sent out for the 7th inning when he really lost it. Loewen again was able to show mental toughness as he battled through six innings in which it all wasn't working for him.

Off to Cleveland. The O's will have trouble with Jeremy Sowers as they have had issues with just about any lefty starter the opposition has been able to put on the mound. Jake Westbrook and Francisco Carmona look like good candidates for the O's bats to wake up against.

The Cleveland lineup is one to be feared though and the Indians are on a 6 game win streak while the O's have lost 4 straight.

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