Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What Happened?

After the play, Melvin Mora angrily glared down to third and Corey Patterson looked stunned and confused. It was really hard to tell who was responsible for the bizarre play.

With men on second and third and one out, Mora decided to bunt when a sac fly would've tied the game. It appears that Mora acted independently on this one and that Patterson had no idea what he was planning to do. If you're going to pull a play like this, you better make damn well sure you execute and Mora didn't. But even with a bad bunt, if Patterson had been off at the pitch he would've scored anyway. But he didn't get that opportunity because he wasn't tipped off. A really stupid play that may have cost the O's the game.

Here's the WPA graph courtesy of FanGraphs. Melvin Mora's single act swung the odds more than 20% back in Oakland's favor.

For more WPA details of this game, check out the game data on FanGraphs. (Thanks to the guys at Fangraphs for allowing me to post their graphs and such.)

Sam Perlozzo is secondarily responsible. Although no one in the stadium would've expected the move by Mora, Perlozzo should've told him exactly what to do and what not to do. Seems a bit silly but I'll bet he does it next time.

Games in the AL East are precious and it's simply inexcusable to lose one on stupidity alone.

The good news is the O's once again rally to make the game close and give themselves a chance to win. The bullpen was masterful yet again. The Yankess and Red Sox lost last night.

Another concern is Erik Bedard who for the first time looked rattled last night as he was getting touched up by Nick Swisher and company. Bedard needs to perform better, he's our ace.

Scott Williamson left with shoulder issues, expect a roster move today or tomorrow.

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