Tuesday, April 10, 2007

4/10/2007 - O's vs. Tigers Game Notes

First time watching MASN broadcast on MLB.TV and it was a bit embarrassing. They showed Brian Roberts' stats under Nate Robertson, camera on Corey Patterson when ball was hit to Markakis, lots of stuff like that. Not even close to the quality of YES or the Twins network I've been watching for the last week.

This was about the best you could expect from Wright. His location was pretty good tonight and his fastball is just live enough to induce a lot of pop-ups and keep the hitters off balance. Five innings of shutout ball. He has already outperformed former Mazzone pupil Russ Ortiz for his Baltimore career. (I'm not kidding.) He won't be winning any Gold Gloves though.

Nate Robertson was absolutely cruising. This would be the night you really need Payton (vs. Patterson) and Hernandez in the lineup against a guy who is murder against lefty hitters.

Everything was OK until the 6th. Neifi Perez hit a comebacker off of Jaret Wright (literally), Wright walked Granderson and then removed himself from the game. (Later learned he had tightness in his shoulder. Uh-oh) Scott Williamson came in next and the infield blew it big time as Polanco dropped a bunt down towards third and nobody went after it. I mean nobody. Williamson then came up big to strike out Sheffield and get Ordonez to hit a double play ball to short but Brian Roberts rushed the relay and skipped the throw to first and it went off of Millar's glove. Two runs scored. Williamson then walked Guillen but Kevin Millar snuck behind him as he led off of first and Alberto Castillo picked him off.

The baserunning was not good tonight and that really gets magnified in a close game. Tejada got thrown out trying to stretch a single to center to a double in the 7th. (Why would he try to run on Curtis Granderson? Not only is he one of the better centerfielders in the AL, he has one of the best centerfield arms in the AL. I like how Granderson plays, he always has his head in the game and never dogs it. That's why he threw out Tejada.) And don't forget Millar getting doubled off of second in the the 3rd.

After getting run on like crazy in Minnesota, Alberto Castillo threw out two would-be basestealers tonight. And he picked Carlos Guillen at first. He is worthless at the plate but looks to be living up to his reputation behind it. You can't say the same for Bako but I'll let him coast on that three-run homer in the Bronx for awhile.

Who starts in 5 days? Will Wright recover? Guthrie or Birkins if he doesn't? Guthrie looked good tonight but I'm still not sold on him as a starter. He looks like the kind of pitcher who gets figured out the second time through the lineup.

The O's could muster no offense save for Patterson's bomb to right off Zumaya in the 8th. Sloppy play in the field and bad baserunning is not the recipe for success, not with this offense.

O's lose 3-1 missing the chance to even their record.

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