Friday, April 20, 2007

Battle of the Birds Part 1 - Speed Kills

Beer of the Game: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
(I must have had a premonition...)

I love this team.

What's not to love? (OK, except for Paul Bako...)

How about Corey Patterson robbing Lyle Overbay of a homerun in the first (an absolutely amazing play that had me leaping from the couch shouting at the TV screen and scaring the hell out of the dog) and then getting the clutch hit in the ninth to start the rally and score the winning run? How about Brian Roberts stealing two more bases tonight? How about Nick Markakis with yet another clutch hit? How about old man Millar taking a home run swing in the 8th and blooping a hit to left to tie the game? How about Melvin Mora jacking another one? And I don't know who this guy masquerading as Daniel Cabrera is but he struck out 7 while only walking 2! 2 walks! Leo Mazzone truly is a miracle worker.

This team comes back from the dead more times than Nosferatu. Oriole bats are the worst nightmare for opposing bullpens. And our bullpen is the worst nightmare for opposing batters. John Parrish is sick. He pitched lights out yet again.

Rick Dempsey's nephew was held to one hit.

Victor Zambrano my hairy butt. You think we're going to lose to that guy?

I'm going to keep repeating this until I see it said on Baseball Tonight. The Baltimore Orioles are the hottest team in the AL.

Get on the bandwagon O's fans. We're in it for the long haul this season.

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