Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Update to the Injury Updates

Shortly after I posted yesterday, the Blue Jays updated the statuses on their injured players.

Reed Johnson will be out until at least July, slightly longer than they had said before.

B.J. Ryan's injury is quite serious as we won't be seeing him around until June at the earliest. Wonder if all that money they paid him was worth it for one good year?

Troy Glaus is now in the 15-day DL with bone spurs and heel issues. Glaus has had injury issues in the past (as this Glaus injury timeline over at the Angels blog 6-4-2 details) but not in the past couple of years. This is one of the events that I said could happen that would allow Baltimore to make noise in the Al East this year. According to the Toronto Star, Glaus' replacements will be either John McDonald (career .240 hitter, career OPS+ of 58) or Jason Smith (a career backup with a .236 average and career OPS+ of 72). We gotta like this as Baltimore hosts Toronto on Friday. Only Vernon Wells remains as a legitimate slugger in that lineup.

As an aside, Baltimore will miss Halladay in the rotation and have to face A.J. Burnett but then Gustavo Chacin and Tomo Ohka. Not bad.

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