Saturday, April 7, 2007


OK, we all know about the grand slam given up by Chris Ray to A-Rod. The O's lose 10-7. But the game was lost when Mr. Reluctant walked Abreu and A-Rod in the 8th. Perlozzo should've brought Jamie Walker in to face Giambi but inexplicably left Baez in to give up a three-run shot and let New York back into the game.

I don't understand why Baez didn't challenge Abreu and A-Rod with no one on base and a four run lead. Issuing two consecutive walks in that situation is inexcusable. Not impressed with Baez thus far.

There has been some talk that Perlozzo should've pulled Ray but that just doesn't happen with established relievers. Ray was the best man for that position and probably got hosed by the ump on what should've been strike three to Jeter.

The pluses are that Mora had a huge game, Markakis hit another homerun and Trachsel was more than adequate facing the most formidable lineup in baseball.

This team will go nowhere this season if Mora doesn't have a bounceback year and it looks like he's going to have one.

You have to like Erik Bedard going up against Darrell Rasner. Time to take the series tomorrow.

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