Tuesday, April 3, 2007

O's Drop Opener

OK, I'll admit that I didn't see the entire game, just from the 4th inning on. (I was out of town with the family, didn't get back until late...) So here's some incomplete notes on the game, I'll watch the rest on replay later...

I'm going to assume that Paul Bako was woozy from that big collision with Justin Morneau. I'm just going to assume that since this defensive dynamo couldn't possibly have let that passed ball go with out so much as a flinch in the direction of the ball for about 3 seconds, allowing a runner to score from third. And that throw that nearly went into the outfield while he tried to throw out Jason Tyner. That big collision with Morneau was the only play he made all night. I think Adam Donachie could have done as well....but I digress. It is now obvious that when Ramon Hernandez is not in the lineup there is not only a gaping hole offensively, there is also a big dropoff defensively. Get well Ramon...

Erik Bedard was not sharp. The ump had a tight strike zone, at least most of the time (Melvin Mora would disagree...) and Erik was getting squeezed on some good pitches. He gave up 10 hits including back to back homeruns in the second to Morneau and Torii Hunter. Although Erik usually keeps the ball in the park, he had three games last year where he gave up two homers in a game so this game wasn't unusual. Bedard just seems to give up homers in bunches from time to time.

Johan Santana wasn't that sharp either and turned out to be quite hittable last night. He got bailed out by Rondell White who made an unbelievable catch in left on what would've been a double for Mora in the 5th and never really was threatened after that (save the solo shot from Tejada to open the 6th).

Melvin Mora had a tough night, getting called out looking twice on very questionable outside pitches and getting robbed of a double. He looked better than his box score line would indicate.

Jay Gibbons stroked two doubles which made me happy for the guy. Hopefully, he keeps a hot bat through this first week or two and robs Kevin Millar of much of his playing time when Jay Payton comes back. I have been a big booster of Millar and I think he can be a useful player but man, does he look old up at the plate. His bat looks slow and his control of the strike zone seems to be suffering too.

The bullpen looked good especially John Parrish. Time will tell but the much maligned deals the O's made in the off-season for bullpen help seem to have paid off.

Today, Cabrera vs. Bonser. Go O's!

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