Monday, April 30, 2007

Resetting Expectations

It's time to concede some things.

At the beginning of the season, I really thought the O's had the horses to contend this year. Perhaps these expectations were unrealistic but what can I say. I'm a fan.

Time to reconsider. While the O's could still finish as a .500 team this year, they will not contend.

Jaret Wright is hurt again and I fear that he will not give us any meaningful innings this season. I had him penciled in for 150 innings and while he is not a great pitcher, his loss leaves a gaping hole in the rotation as far as someone eating innings.

The bullpen has been great but is being overworked. It can't last at this rate of work. Adam Loewen is still learning and doesn't work deep into games. Only Erik Bedard and Daniel Cabrera have been able to work deep into games and only sporadically. Steve Trachsel has never been a big innings guy. He has exceeded expectations this year but it can't last.

The offense has been anemic. Yes, we just got Jay Payton and Ramon Hernandez back but that didn't help much during the Cleveland series. Our lineup has been mediocre at best and it tends to be feast or famine when it comes to scoring runs.

.500 is the realistic goal. Time to develop the young pitchers and hope for the best.

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