Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bedard Crumble? Afraid K(not)t!

OK, I'm officially done with dumb Knott puns...

I did not see the game, I have to work sometimes you know. But I can't say enough about Erik Bedard's performance in yesterday's game. He did not have his best stuff. He was very hittable and struggled all day, as did Tampa's Scott Kazmir. But Kazmir struggled and threw 100 pitches in four innings which marked the end of his day. Bedard managed to stretch his day into the 6th and threw only 110 while somehow managing to strikeout 8. When he needed the big K, he got it. Performances like that not only keep your team in the game but take the pressure off your bullpen. Every out helped the rest of the staff enormously, the small things add up over time.

The bullpen was great yet again which is beginning to sound like a broken record. Chris Ray struck out the side for his 5th save.

Jon Knott has been in the middle of everything since he was called up. The question remains this: Who goes down to Norfolk once Jay Payton returns? Do the O's need a lefty-mashing power hitter on the bench or another light hitting speedster defensive specialist? My vote is for Knott (obviously) as on any given night you could have Payton or Patterson on the bench to pinch run or serve as a defensive replacement.

A tough stretch against Toronto, Oakland and Boston await. Granted, we are catching Toronto at a good time but the next three series should tell us a lot about where this team is right now.

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