Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cabrera Cruises, Not Enough Run Support

Daniel Cabrera was cruising through three, groundballs galore. He got wild later, had some bad luck on bloop hits, stolen bases, etc. But Cabrera never lost his composure and pitched great all game. Baltimore just couldn't manage to get men across the plate.

The bullpen looked great again for the second straight night.

Melvin showed that his 0-5 night was just a bit of bad luck as he jacked a homer into the leftfield stands in the 2nd.

Tejada is on fire. He is playing great shortstop, he is all over the field. He took a ball that ricocheted off of Cabrera's leg and if Aubrey Huff could've held it, would've robbed Castillo of a hit. Made a diving stop and flipped to Roberts at second starting a spectacular double play.

Alberto Castillo had worked with Cabrera before in the Dominican Leagues so he got the start last night. It's the closest thing Cabrera will ever get to a personal catcher. It was entertaining watching them interact. They looked like Dominican version of Crash Davis and "Nuke" LaLoosh.

The Twins have stolen 6 bases in the last two games and they haven't been caught stealing once. Ramon Hernandez led the league throwing out runners last season. Would Adam Donachie have been any worse than these guys?

Why has Freddy Bynum been the pinch hitter the last two nights? Last I checked, Chris Gomez is a pretty good hitter. Our best bench player rides the pine late in a close game.

Ask yourself this: A thirteen man rotation or a deeper bench? Which would be helping more right now?

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