Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Around The Red Sox Blogosphere: Series Preview

I really don't have much to comment on from yesterday's game but there are two things I wanted to mention.

After watching Miguel Tejada and Chris Gomez work in simpatico over the weekend and watching Brian Roberts poor decision to throw to second yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that Brian Roberts is the middle infielder who's in a fielding slump. He needs to snap out of it.

Hats off to Jeremy Guthrie who pitched as well as could be expected for a spot starter. Thanks for the quality start Jeremy, it's far better than we would have gotten last year's bullpen.

Now for the Sawx:

Evan Brunell over at Fire Brand of the American League, says the Orioles have a pretty good club this year and highlights Daniel Cabrera and Adam Loewen but then has this to say as he looks forward to the fall:

"...we get to clean up against Baltimore and Tampa Bay in September for 12 of the 27 games in September, no small number."

Hey! The bully's kicking sand in our face! We'll just see who's beating up on who pal...

At Keep Your Sox On In Brooklyn, they seem to think Boston will take it's frustration from their games with Toronto out on the O's:

"This makes me want to punch something hard. Wait what is that? Another bird? A little orange fellow? So bright and colorful and full of life? Yeah....Orioles... prepare to meet your pane of completely transparent glass. Splat."

Bring it on boys. This team's not a pushover this year.

And at a blog called KC Bean Boy, this insight was given:

"Baltimore may be an interesting trip since it will be in question on which Orioles team shows up for work on Wednesday and Thursday and if Boston will be looking past the O’s and up I-95 for the rematch with the Yanks."

And much like the Red Sox players themselves, the bloggers of Red Sox Nation either deride the O's or overlook them completely to focus on the Yankees series coming up over the weekend.

Hey O's, let's give them something to consider for the next series, OK?

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